The Hotel

Hotel Bocage Hua Hin - Exterior

Brand Occurring

It is the way Hotel Bocage will appear or 'occur' to our guest as an experience for them. For the fact that people will create their 'action' only around your occurring; the brand occurring is everything about the brand.

Hotel Bocage is to occur to our guest as:

Simplistic, Authentic, Un-compromised Experience

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Simplistic. Simplicity never arrive without the effort. Sometimes you have to go through all the complexity just to arrive ourselves into simplicity. We believe in simplicity not because it is fashionable to talk about simplicity, but because it just works. Simplicity is the way towards effectiveness of the business and the service. And it is only a simplistic way that could possibly deliver simplistic life.

Authentic. The value of authenticity is not about truth, but, surprisingly, it is about love. You could not possibly fall in love with anything that is not occurred as authentic. Inauthenticity could sometimes deliver excitements but love can only be created inside the clearing of authenticity. We say thing only as the way it is and not otherwise. And this authenticity happens everywhere in our hotel, from its design, architecture, location and services.

Un-compromised Experience. Through our authenticity, Hotel Bocage should become an un-compromised experience in itself. It is the reason for people to be with us this time and next time. And we shall do everything to make our guest fall in love with us.

Hotel Bocage Hua Hin - Exterior

Location - Seenspace Hua Hin

A hotel on top of retail commercial might be an earthling location idea for a hotel but it will be the idea that you like, eventually. A different idea to spend your vacation week or weekend among the authentic cafe, bar, food, fashion, spa and more, of which are not limited to the service typology you may find in your previous stay. Seenspace is a coming fashion, art and design community built by people with passion in Hua Hin; a historical resort city, two and a half hour southbound from Bangkok. The location is next to His Majesty Palace Klai Kang Wol¹. Hotel Bocage have a direct access to the ocean on its private shoreline.

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¹ Klai Kang Wol Palace was built in the reign of King Prajadhipok on the beach of Hua Hin Sub-district, Prachuab Khiri Khan Province. His Majesty King Prajadhipok had this palace built for Her Majesty Queen Rambhai Bharni.

Hotel Bocage - Room


Duangrit's vision could be achieved only through collaborations of a global establish brands: such as Porro, Living Divani and Antonio Lupi from Italy. This means our guest will only have and authentic experience from beds and other furnitures by Porro, sofas by Living Divani and bathroom pieces by Antonio Lupi.

Un-compromised experience of their stay among the great design brands in the world for their ultimate comfort.

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